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EcoLog Picture Gallery

This page shows you "EcoLog in Action". The web albums below show lots of examples of existing EcoLog homes - outside and inside views as well as the construction process. Click on any picture below to start a full size slide show.

EcoLog BC Show Home Photographed by Ted Grant

Veteran photographer Ted Grant is one of a kind! At 86 years young, his recent visit to BC's first Ecolog Home still included calisthenics with the camera, resulting in great photos from new angles, capturing both detail and the big picture in the Van Isle Ecolog Show Home. Notice how Ted works only with natural light to capture the atmosphere of the different spaces.

Living room with wood stove  (Foto by Ted Grant)
Living room with wood stove and dining area in background  (Foto by Ted Grant)
Living room (Foto by Ted Grant)
Sun flooded dining area, kitchen in background  (Foto by Ted Grant)
Dining area, view from kitchen  (Foto by Ted Grant)
Dining area  (Foto by Ted Grant)
Living room with kitchen in background (Foto by Ted Grant)
Antique german cabinet (Foto by Ted Grant)
Bathroom on main floor (Foto by Ted Grant)
Stairs built of yellow cedar (Foto by Ted Grant)
Master bedroom with exposed ceiling and roof trusses (Foto by Ted Grant)
Master Bedroom (Foto by Ted Grant)
Interesting perspective of bathroom through mirror (Foto by Ted Grant)
Main bathroom in dormer in loft (Foto by Ted Grant)
Main bathroom in dormer in loft (Foto by Ted Grant)
Teename bedroom (Foto by Ted Grant)
Teenage bedroom (Foto by Ted Grant)
Master Bedroom with log bed in dormer space (Foto by Ted Grant)
Artistic railing by Mike Mintern, front porch (Foto by Ted Grant)
Painted concrete floor in suite. (Foto by Ted Grant)

EcoLog Outside Views

This album shows the variety of different shapes and styles of Ecolog homes.

side of an EcoLog house
New EcoLog home, nearly finished
24'x40' home with 3 dormers
24'x28' Cottage
Home with full hight basement
Wright House
24'x32' Ecolog Cottage
Close-Up of our Show Home Porch / Entance
24'x40' Ecolog with 3 dormers
Ecolog Home with covered porch and deck
Solar panel on Ecolog Home
Ecolog with gable entrance
Gable Entrance

EcoLog Inside Views

There are endless possibilities in how to finish, decorate and shape the interior of Ecolog homes - from a very rustic "cottage style" look to a modern and contemporary design. The following pictures show a few examples:

Wright House inside
Great Room with open vaulted ceiling
Hemlock ceiling of Ecolog home
View down through open ceiling
Great room

EcoLog Construction Examples


This album shows the construction process of Ecolog homes at various stages:

EcoLog Home roof construction
EcoLog construction - outside and inside walls
Construction of window opening
Sawmill New Ecolog Office Building

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