Picture of 24x40' EcoLog home

Floor Plan, 960 sqft Footprint, 1700 sqft Living Space (B)

The following plans show a 24'x40' home with a 960 sqft footprint. This example provides lots of space and can be used as a residential home for a small family, as a retirement home or as a cottage / cabin for you vacation getaway.

Key features of the plans below are:

  • appr. 1600 sqft of living space
  • large open living room and kitchen area
  • 2 separate entrances (front and back)
  • office/den or bedroom in the main floor
  • 3 piece bathroom with shower on main floor
  • spacious laundry
  • 2 large bedrooms on the first floor, each with ensuite


Design Variations:

Without changing the footprint of the home, these plans can easily be changed in following ways:

  • Have a master bedroom with ensuite in main floor
  • Have 3 bedrooms on the first floor, which share one common bathroom
  • Have only one bedroom and bath on first floor, have a gallery with open space above kitchen, keep space above living room open to the roof, with high ceiling

This example shows the flexibility of EcoLog homes. The same home can be designed in many different ways.

This home also available as a 3 dimensional model !

Please contact us for a higher resultion version of the plans, or for free consultation on how to modify this plan to best suit your needs !


Floor plan main floor of 24'x40' home


Floor plan 1st floor of 24'x40' home