Dining area of EcoLog log home

EcoLog Design Overview

Many home building kits are predefined and packaged. Customers are charged extra for every change they want to make, they don't have much flexibility in choosing windows, doors or floor plans.

EcoLog homes are different. We provide our customers with the flexibility to design their home to best fits their needs. EcoLog has developed a framework, which offers lots of room for customising, but still defines some key parameters to allow for cost efficient production and construction.

EcoLog Design Principles

The following key principles apply to all EcoLog homes:

  • Outside walls are made of 11 rows of sqaure 8"x8" timbers, with 2" hard foam insulation and chinking between the timbers, resulting in 9'2" high ceilings on the main floor.
  • The standard width of an EcoLog building block is 24 feet. The length can be varied in 4' intervals. The basic rectangles are between 24' and 48' long. In combination, these rectangles can be added together to form compound wing, L or T-shaped buildings
  • Most EcoLog homes have one or more dormers. These not only add appeal, but also allow better use of the loft space
  • The EcoLog roof is designed at a 45 degree angle (12/12 pitch)
  • The typical roof overhang on all sides is 4', which can be extended to add additional protection as well as covered space by adding porches or balconies

L-shaped EcoLog Log Home

Please check out our Floor Plan section, which shows examples of homes with detailed floor plans, images and some three dimensional models, which can be downloaded to your PC or Mac to explore EcoLog homes in a virtual way.

Corner Joints

We are very pleased that we can now offer 2 different versions of corner joints: The sqaure "box joint" which we used for a long time for all our designs, and since 2018 we offer a dovetail joint with 2" overhang. The following pictures show examples of each type of joint.