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EcoLog Home Pricing

Due to our construction and building concepts EcoLog homes are very affordable. The typical "turn key" cost of EcoLog homes is comparable to or even lower then a similarly sized stick frame construction building.

We do not have a standard price list, as we do not offer static, standard designs. All our homes are custom designed to fit the needs of every customer.

For western Canada we can now offer Ecolog home kits with 3 different wood species: Hemlock, Douglas Fir or Red Cedar.

The standard price of our individually designed homes is based on the square footage of the main floor, and costs are:

  • Hemlock: $ 42 / sqft
  • Douglas Fir: $ 48 / sqft
  • Red Cedar: $ 57 / sqft

This includes all material described here in our building kit section.

If you provide us with some information about your requirements, we can give you with a detailed quote for an EcoLog building kit as well as a budget estimate for your whole building project:

  • desired size of total living space
  • required number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • style: Do you prefer gracious open spaces with high open ceilings, or do you like to use the footprint of the house efficiently, containing as many rooms as possible?
  • foundation / basement style and size (crawl space, full hight basement, finished or unfinished)

Please contact us today, and we will be happy to assist you.