Hoby Nervion 110 sqft garden cabin

Hoby Nervion Floorplan

Hoby Nervion - 120 sqft Backyard Cabin

This beautiful log cabin is the ideal living space extension for your back yard: As a studio, bunk house for guests in the summer, a play room for your kids, a party room and to store your garden furniture over the winter.

The complete do-it-yourself kit provides a great value, with everything you need to set it up on a weekend. The kit includes pressure treated foundation beams, pre-cut t&g boards for walls, floor and roof, laminated wooden doors, tilt/turn wood windows and all hardware and trim.


Technical Specifications
Inside space 110 square feet
Doors & Windows One exterior double french door, 2 windows
Floor boards 3/4" thick
Wall Logs 1 1/8" thick
Roof boards 3/4" thick
Wall hight 76"



Hoby Nervion kit with 1 1/8" wall logs:   CAD$ 3,700*

 *All prices plus tax and shipping.