100 sqft EZLog Cabin Mari A

Floorplan Mari A (dimensions in cm)

MARI A - 100 sqft

This charming little cabin is just small enough that it doesn't require a building permit in most municipalities. Therefore it is the idea living space extension for your back yard: As a studio, bunk house for guests, a play room for your kids or a party room. 

The optional covered porch provides a nice protected outdoor space and adds to the charming look of the cabin.


Technical Specifications
Inside space 100 square feet
Roof overhang at front 50"
Doors & Windows One double door, one window (single pane)
Floor boards 3/4" thick
Wall Logs 1 5/8" thick
Roof boards 3/4" thick
Wall hight 80"



Mari A kit with 1 5/8" wall logs:   CAD$ 4,560*

12'x6.5' front porch with floor and reiling for 1 5/8" wall logs:   CAD$ 900*

*All prices plus tax and shipping.