Langeoog - 157 sqft Backyard Cabin

This funky 13'x13' log cabin can be anything: A shop, studio, party room, pool house - or just a bright space in your backyard to relax. The kit comes in two different versions, with the doors and windows on the front or on the side. This kit is also available with two different wall thicknesses.

The complete do-it-yourself kit provides a great value, with everything you need to set it up on a weekend. The kit includes pressure treated foundation beams, pre-cut t&g boards for walls, floor and roof, laminated wooden doors, laminated wood windows and all hardware and trim.



Technical Specifications
Inside space 157 square feet
Doors & Windows One exterior double french door, 2 windows
Floor boards 3/4" thick
Wall Logs 2 3/4" thick
Roof boards 3/4" thick
Wall hight 85" (ceiling hight 130" max)


 Note: The Langeoog is now also available in 2 other sizes: 470 cm x 350 cm and 510 cm x 410 cm. Contact us to find out more details.



Langeoog kit with 2 3/4" wall logs, delivered from warehouse in Ontario:    CAD$ 10,500*

 *All prices plus tax and shipping.