3 Dimensional Model of EcoLog Home

We have modeled one of our homes in Google Sketchup as a realistic three dimensional model, to enable our customers to take a "virtual tour" of our homes.

3d EcoLog log home model in Google Sketchup

In order to fully explore our 3D model you need to download the free Google Sketchup software:

  • The Google Sketchup Viewer allows you to navigate around and inside of the model. It's easy to use, available for Microsoft Windows as well as for Mac OS, and allows you to view and print the complete model. It takes only a few minutes to download and install this software.
  • If you are a more experienced computer user, and if you like to experiment yourself and modify this 3D model, you need to download the full (also free) Google Sketchup version. This version of the software also allows you to create cuts through the model house, so that you can fully explore it from inside and outside.
  • Next you need to download one of our 3D Models:


Video of a walk through one of our 3D models, also showing some additional features like how to inspect the model using cutting planes.