Service Offerings of Vanisle Ecolog Homes

Construction Project Management

Do you like to build your own home, but don't feel comfortable or don't have the time to manage such a project?

For EcoLog building projects on southern Vancouver Island, we can offer professional Project Management services. This includes following tasks:

  • Manage construction schedule
  • Manage budget
  • Quality control at construction site
  • Management of estimates and quotes
  • Negotiate contracts with contractors and suppliers
  • Reporting to homeowner

Energy Performance Design Consulting

We can support you in designing an energy efficient custom home based on your requirements. We can design homes with a variety of construction methods, not just our Ecolog log homes.

At the design stage we can model different variations of your home using the software Hot2000, developed by Natural Resources Canada. This modeling technique will help you to find the "sweet spot" between energy performance, cost and other design limitations.

Following building details will be used for the model:

  • Foundation type and insulation
  • Wall construction and insulation
  • Roof design and insulation
  • Door and Window types
  • Planned heating and ventilation systems
  • Alternative energy sources (Solar, wind, heat pumps, etc.)
  • Building location

The energy model will show details about the energy usage and cost, taking all construction details and environmental aspects (location) into consideration. Multiple calculations of the model using different design aspects like windows, insulation or alternative energy sources allow the builder or home owner to optimize the energy efficiency of the house design.

Please contact us to find out more about these service offerings.


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Hermann formed the company in 2008 to bring the EcoLog concept from Ontario to the West Coast.